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NASA’s tersely sexist rejection letter to an aspiring astronaut

NASA’s tersely sexist rejection letter to an aspiring astronaut gop would take us back & worse!!!

Tyson Foods, one of the country's largest meat producers, dumps more toxic waste by volume into U.S. waterways annually than companies like Dow Chemical or Exxon.

FOLLOW THE FUEL SPILL TRACKER An explosion in North American fossil fuel extraction has led to a dangerous rise in pipeline spills and oil train derailments.

You’ll never buy a crocodile skin bag again after watching this…

After targeting ISIS earlier this week, the hacker group Anonymous claims it has uncovered Islamic State plans to attack at least eight sites around the world this Sunday, November 22. The attacks include three venues in Paris, a University in Lebanon, and the WWE Survivor Series in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gun owner finds himself without a hammer at school event — so he uses his pistol instead

The First Ever Photo of Someone Giving The Finger

this may very well be the first ever photograph of someone giving the finger. In a team picture of the Boston Beaneaters, pitcher Charles Radbourn was caught flipping the New York Giants the bird in the top left hand corner of the photo.Fortunately for Radbourn, this historic photo hardly makes up his entire legacy. The term Charlie Horse has been attributed to him from time to time, and as a pitcher he pitched a whopping 678 2/3 innings. But for us photo types, this is how we’ll remember…

Gandhi’s letter to Hitler, 1939

Gandhi's Letter to Hitler .... signed Your sincere friend ....... oh to be so honorable

Millions of Honeybees Killed in Attempt to Prevent Zika: Honeybees are nature's best pollinators. Without them, important crops including almonds, blueberries, apples, asparagus and broccoli would be threatened.

Graphic Photos Show Horrific Moment Bull Plunges Horn Into Fighter's Neck