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2014~ MORE: sleep, music, tea, books, sunsets, creating, long walks, laughter, hugs, dreaming, road trips, fun & LOVE.

MORE!_More of a good thing!_"More sleep; more music; more tea; more book; more sunsets; more creating; more long walks; more laughter; more hugs; more dreaming; more road trips; more fun; more love!

joy is the serious business of heaven

"Joy is the serious business of heaven. Lewis - YES! I want to do serious business!

Happiness vs. Joy (The Year of Joy: A 31 day series on joy by Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo)

Joy ( The Year of Joy: A 31 day series on joy by Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo )

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It doesn't always take a new year for a new start. Everyday is a new beginning and if something in your life needs a change. Have the courage to change it xoxo

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When you choose joy, you feel good; and when you feel good, you do good; and when you do good, it reminds others of what joy feels like,and it just might inspire them to do the same. i choose Joy. I choose Christa!

"I hope somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself." Neil Gaiman #magic #dreams

a perfect New Year's Wish by Neil Gaiman or the start of a new school year 2014 Have Fun!



"Comparison is the thief of joy," (Theodore Roosevelt). This is my favorite quote, and the color reminded me of you :)

Less than 5 minutes ago I Just heard Amy from bobby bones show give a heartfelt announcement about her mom's cancer diagnosis. Her mom's motto: "Choose Joy"  What a coincidence I find this less than 5 minutes later.   Last night was really hard for me. I cried a lot because I miss my Grandmother so much. It's been almost a month without her now. I know my grandmother would agree with this motto and would want only this for me.   It's hard but I'll keep trying.

So true. We have the choice of how we want to live our life. We have to choose to be joyful and happy, and continue to make that choice every day.

good advice


Health: Drink plenty of water. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar. Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured in plants. Live with the 3 E’s - Energy, Enthusiasm and empathy