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7/17/2012 The fish seem to know…

7/17/2012 Anchor Creek in Alaska is a beautiful winding river. I was on the bridge above Jack and the fishermen when I took this picture. The most amazing thing was that I could see the King Salmon swimming in the clear water below. The guys were not fishing for Kings . The fish seem to know that they were safe and lazily swam around in the stream. I have said before “the right time at the right place” is what makes the difference a lot of times in life.

9/17/2012 I am fascinated with the sounds of water…. there are sounds that soothe and others that invigorate. We buy machines that offer lapping waves, gentle sounds of a brook and trickling streams to help us block out other noises that interfere with our rest. The Russian River Falls is not the largest of waterfalls but it still makes my heart race with its powerful, rushing waters.

12/28/2012 .. the land of the midnight sun….Final Alaska post

ALASKA... land of the midnight sun!... we have never been there for the almost 24 hours of darkness but we have seen the almost 24 hours of light. This photo was taken around 11 pm in early July. I was told that the definition of a "sourdough" was someone who didn't have enough money to go south for the winter!

9/19/2012 Keep on… keepin’ on!

9/19/2012 Standing in the tall, tall fireweed with my friend Johan…. Johan was giving me great tips and I was loving it. It took a few tries but I love the results. Life is kinda like that…. sometimes we just have to….”Keep on… keepin’ on!” Mt. Redoubt from the Nikiski Beach, Alaska.