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After almost 3 weeks of doing online work, am finally happy to be able to hold the brush and paint again. I need more practise in doing children. I find children difficult to paint because they have less curves, corners and wrinkles - features that give people their own 'character'. - #AnArtworkADay, #Art, #PaintingChildren, #Watercolor, #WatercolorPortraits

I've been wanting to do this for quite some time. I wish he was still around to see this because I know he loved paintings. Yes Mr. V, I know you're still watching over your family and their friends. Am still glad I had the chance to get to know you in this lifetime. This is one of a... - #AnArtworkADay, #Art, #Watercolor, #WatercolorPortraits

I realized one thing – do you need to learn patience? Watercolor is the best teacher. You can’t just paint everything in one go. One waits. ...

I wanted to try doing another portrait of Charlie, this time with his wife. This was actually the portrait I painted after my 2-week hiatus [from painting animation background]. It felt like I'm re-learning the craft. :) - #AnArtworkADay, #Art, #Watercolor, #WatercolorPortraits

I wanted to give somebody a birthday gift. It's the least thing I could do. So I did a portrait of her daughter. - #AnArtworkADay, #Watercolor, #WatercolorPortraits

Did a painting of my friend's mom. Doing commission pieces is stressful. There's the pressure of making it perfect and at the same time, the client has to want it. Since this is watercolor, it means starting over...and over ... until I get it right. I had that problem with this piece. I... - #Watercolor, #WatercolorPortraits

All eyes fall on this slender, black mother when she enters a room. She has a presence that exudes with confidence and grace. She walks like... :: watercolor portrait

This portrait was based on a photo I took of Gems in Cucina Rusticana. It was afternoon and there was a thin sliver of sunlight that lighted the room. It fell on her face as she talked. When she was worrying about how things were. I took a pic and captured that moment. I never thought I'd be... - #BrushPen, #Watercolor, #WatercolorPortraits

Amado and I were talking about watercolor techniques. There's one that was so light that it leaves the barest hint of color. I was lucky to find a photo to try it out. If I painted watercolor this way, a single box of 5ml tubes would last me a year. Yes, a normal tube of artist grade... - #AnArtworkADay, #Watercolor, #WatercolorPortraits

This is a second painting of Bastian taken from one photo. The challenge this painting gave was that half of the face was dark and in shadows. Yes, I still need practise but I think this is better than the first one [below]. This was the first one painted last December. One of the things ... - #AnArtworkADay, #Watercolor, #WatercolorPortraits