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Living Threads Vintage - Portland, OR, United States. Vintage jewelry!

LOL. Every day at my first retail job. I'd leave in the morning happy and excited and come home swearing I'd never set foot in that place again.

Retail Robin-this is only worse when the cd is broken and the same 3 songs are on a loop for a month!

Worse is when they say they bought it at your store last week then they hand you the receipt and it says they bought it at a store that closed down two years ago

Clearly, that boyfriend has never worked I'm retail or the food industry because the kind of people interactions you have there will destroy any affection you have for people and you will hate everything. Especially if the place you work doesn't have a good environment to it. It will DESTROY you

Spend all day in back room, never see a customer best. day. ever. - Retail Robin | Meme Generator

This is sad. We all laugh at this, but it's sad that college makes us feel this way. I never hated learning until I went to university. I even still liked it when I was in community college.

24 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Forced To Work Retail For One Day

So they’ll know never to tell this joke again: | 24 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Forced To Work Retail For One Day

Retail Robin - "you just lost a customer!" oh no, we'll miss you so much

19 Things That Are Way Too Real For Unaffectionate People

i hate being touched, so if i touch you or let you touch me hell yeah you're special