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I get to be Rose, so you have to be Blanche, but I don't cook or clean....I just eat and sleep...oh and I speak with a deep Southern accent like you. Anything else and I'll let you know.....ROFL

Why would I choose to be surrounded by a bunch of people who really don't want to be around me, when I can be happier in my own company? Let's make sense not misery. JS if that leaves me alone then alone I shall be ;-)

If the world said you cannot be married because you are black we would say that is prejudice, yet the world says you cannot marry because you are gay and we accept that? We fight for equality for so many things but not gay rights and its wrong!

Such as August 23 (after the first day of school glow has worn off)?!? @Katie Schmeltzer Schmeltzer Knopp @Tammy Tarng Tarng Schutzenhofer @Inna Gerakosov Gerakosov Kagan @Cat Waits Waits Bishir

So very true! Funny Family Ecard: When a woman says 'what?' it's not because she didn't hear you. She's giving you a chance to change what you said... My husband still repeats himself, I'm like, "oh I heard you perfectly!" Lol

because you are irrelevant, i don't know you crazy bitch..all i know is what your ex has downloaded into my vault so i know enough to know you are lazy, sorry as fuck, a mooch, a lazy piece of ass, dirty and a no working bitch.