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green chile sauce. (note: aka awesomesauce)

When I go out to eat in New Mexico I always get my food smothered in "Christmas," which is what we call the mixture of red chile and green c.

Every fall, farmers’ markets across Colorado are filled with the aromas of roasting chile peppers. Green chile is popular around here, and although you can buy some pretty good brands in the store already prepared, it’s really quite easy to make.Because the heat of chile peppers can vary widely, always taste your chiles before preparing...Read the Rest »

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Green Chile Gourmand: Green Chile Sauce

This sauce is a delicious complement to chicken and pork! It can be poured over burritos or Huevos Rancheros. It is used in Green Chile Gou.

Enchiladas in Green Chile Sauce

Enchiladas in Green Chile Sauce