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‘Mockingjay’ Looks Incredible and We’re Already Counting Down

Jeffrey Wright as Beetee Lantier

The Girl Who Was On Fire: The Most Amazing Hunger Games Fan Art

Hunger Games Characters The Avox Girl's name is Laviana!! (mockingjay or Catching Fire

The Hunger Games ... Catching Fire

Funny The Hunger Games

"It's the things we love most that destroy us." (gifset:

Finnick'srope,Annie's broken mind (heart 2) Wiress figuring out the clock, Beetee's wire Petta's bread and Katniss's arow

The Hunger Games Catching Fire movie cast. Enobaria, Plutarch, Mags, Wiress, Chaff, and Seeder are perfect. Still getting over the Finnick casting :/

very nice I followed some steampunk boards and my feed I like way bettah now

No no no! I remember reading the book and thinking this was not fair, not fair at all. It's really sad and a horrid thing to do.

Hunger games birthday game. I killed Coin because I DO WHAT I WANT