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I speak German, so I got that it was like "Mama this, this, this!", but as someone who's first language is English, yeah, little bit of a problem. Lol.

Language difference's

Oh us dutch folks xD <<< @michelledekkers this is why I'm moving to the UK... (i guess) .............. (and more Starbucks)

I'm Dutch and the first four are so accurate like..... I'm almost fluent in German, French, English and Spanish. Because when I travel nobody will speak Dutch.

I need artwork showing Russia in bed with bags under his eyes with the blankets pulled up next to a window with everyone outside partying cursing in russian please

Amish Funny Cake My grandmother had this recipe and I lost it. This breakfast cake is a blast from my past,

The Dutch language can be quite mysterious to foreigners. We want to help. We present to you Part 1 of "Funny Dutch words!"