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Harleyforge Rabbit knew losing his ears was not the end of the world but it was hard to believe. When he saw the transplants they had given him he was quite pleased. No one would even notice they weren't his own! ...Carol

This Blog is dedicated to all of those "OMG How Gorgeous" moments that the Winter Season and its Holidays bring us. Most of the images are reblogged from other beautiful blogs- (thank kyou all for sharing those beauties), form Pinarest and also from my...

You know... Just a hedgehog w/ a strawberry hat.

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Wolves mate for life - only the alpha pair breed. They practice their own form of population control within the pack. People could learn so much from them, but choose the fear mongers message instead.


YES, I do know that this is just wrong in every way....super politically incorrect sacreligious, etc...etc.....BUT its just SO CUTE!!!!!! I apologize but I HAD to pin it anyway :o/ hehehehe

This Golden Retriever and his kissable cow buddy.

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"Think I'm gonna lay here with my full, happy belly forever."

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