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@contact1112 Santorum Tells Greta He's Dropping Out of Race, Backing Rubio | Fox News Insider #MarcoRubio #marcomentum #imwithmarco

*****Obama seeks votes as complaints mount over storm response - The president told supporters to take their friends and neighbors to vote in three days >>> “Make sure they vote for me before you drag them to the polls,” he said. - - - WHAT A GUY!!!! ~ Click to read

A 1942 photo of Hans Scholl, Sophie Scholl & Christoph Probst - members of the student resistance group, “White Rose”. The group distributed pamphlets across Germany appealing to the public’s sense of moral duty, calling for resistance to the Nazi dictatorship, & demanding an end to the war. Sophie would be caught and reported to the Gestapo on the 18th of February, 1943 at Ludwig Maximilians University. All three would then be sentenced 5 days later and beheaded. George Witt Wake up…

We raise her up every morning and we bring her down slow every night. We don't let her touch the ground, and we fold her up right. On second thought I do like to brag 'cause I'm mighty proud of that Ragged Old Flag" —Johnny Cash {Me too Johnny}

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