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A simple activity on area using grid paper. Students can draw their own robots or utilise individual coloured squares of grid paper.

Step into Grade with Mrs. Lemons: Area Robots (Individual when making the robots) (Large group to discuss the different robots)

Area and Perimeter Word Problems Freebie from Laura Candler's Geometry File Cabinet

Area and Perimeter Word Problems Freebie from Laura Candler's Geometry File Cabinet.lots of other good activities, too!

Great Freebie to practice area and perimeter!

Area and Perimeter Board Game. This area and perimeter board game is a fun way to practice area and perimeter skills. It includes: 18 question cards 18 answer cards Game Board Printable game pieces Printable Die Teacher Instructions

Place+Value,+Addition,+Subtraction+&+Perimeter  Students+will+answer+various+review+questions+to+create+a+clown+face.++If+their+answers+are+cor...

Place+Value,+Addition,+Subtraction+&+Perimeter Students+will+answer+various+review+questions+to+create+a+clown+face.++If+their+answers+are+cor...

Anchor Charts:  Student notebook entries:  Today's Number: This was a Pinterest find.  We adapted it t...

Math Workshop Adventures: Today's number as a sponge activity in a pocket chart

Free area and perimeter activity with Cheez-Its!

Area and Perimeter

The student applies mathematical process standards to develop concepts of expressions and equations. The student is expected to: (H) represent and solve problems related to perimeter and/or area and related to volume.