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Who's actually read (and understood) the Bible?..

Funny pictures about Complete obliteration of argument. Oh, and cool pics about Complete obliteration of argument. Also, Complete obliteration of argument.

louder for the people in the back!

If hormones are to blame for making young men rape women, then is it ok to go on a killing spree the week before my period? I mean, I'm not to blame, right?

That moment when there was a gay couple in the bible and no one talked about it.... lgbtqa+

It sure sounds like a certain Bible hero had a gay relationship. These verses should make homophobic Christians very uncomfortable. Your bible has a gay couple and its said that your "Lord" banned gayness (idk ok its just what ive heard)

Ahhh, the "sanctity" of marriage. Yup, the gays would just tarnish the heck out of it, as if!

Whoever said that same-sex marriage will ruin the institution of marriage should be slapped. Infidelity, dishonesty, and lust disguised as love are the things ruining the institution of marriage.

i love this

God did mention homosexuality (Leviticus but that was in the Old Testament, before Jesus came and sacrificed himself to rid us of our sins. God loves everyone, and anti-gay Christians need to understand that. Do not judge others, for all sins are equal.

Using The Bible As An Excuse For Being Anti-Gay

Using The Bible As An Excuse For Being Anti-Gay

Funny pictures about Using The Bible As An Excuse For Being Anti-Gay. Oh, and cool pics about Using The Bible As An Excuse For Being Anti-Gay. Also, Using The Bible As An Excuse For Being Anti-Gay photos.

as someone who does 3 of these things, yes! And sometimes it's tedious, annoying, and difficult, but I love it at the same time

Band kids will literally break a leg and continue marching after hurridly getting it wrapped, choir kids could pass out from locking their knees but they'll wake up and continue singing, colorguard kids. Art kids are dedicated to their art.

❤️ ~~ His religion shouldn't make a difference. He was a great man who did a great thing

I just don't get the Muslim hate at all. It's the terrorists that are bad, not Muslims.

The reaction shouldn't be 'not all men are like that' it should be 'no woman should have to live in fear'

i swear to god, men raising their voice is the most terrifying thing in the whole world. I had neighbours that would yell at each other. I always was afraid someone would be taken out on a stretcher when they were done.

I never knew this. I don't even have words for how horrible this is.

I hated the idea of conversion 'therapy' before this, now, I want to punch it through a wall. LGBTQ LGBT <<<< this is sick and disgusting.