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omg... I  want that lip color

Gorgeous pink and purple ombre lip and I LOVE the inner corner highlight to pull the look together. I need to learn how to make me eyes look like that

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Lips painting - Kiss Crab

Body art by Paige Thompson Artist Paige Thompson turned his lips in a real canvas. She created a series of drawings of animals on the lips and named it “Animal-Lipstick series”.

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Related image

DIY- MATTE LIPSTICK  Use flour, cornstarch, or even powdered sugar, pretty much any white powder would work. [DO NOT use baking soda]The white powder will go unseen even in the darkest shades of lipstick. Put on your lipstick as usual. Press the tip of your finger into the powder, shake or blow off any excess powder, you want a thin layer on your finger. Dab the powder onto your lipstick and press your lips together to make the powder absorb into your lipstick but DO NOT rub your lips…

Beyond Red: Lip Shades You Should Be Trying

Dumb, stupid, weird

Duck Lips - Funny suppose to be a Face Slimmer OMG! LMAO For all the girls who insist on post pictures on FB with duck lip look.