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The March 2012 issue of TFH had an underlying scuba diving theme and featured articles on hammer corals, aquaculturing corals, a newly imported goby, and much more!

The vibrant August 2011 issue has articles on sun corals, repotting pond plants, raising synodontis catfish, and more!

The September 2012 Issue marked the 60th Anniversary of TFH, with a look back at our storied history, plus great articles on the top 10 aquatic plants, how to build a fishroom, marine oddballs, and much more!

The September 2011 issue has a marine theme with articles on coral wars, marine aquarium basics, and triggerfish, among articles on oscars and platies, and more!

The February 2011 issue features an article on a gorgeous new import, panda loaches, the predatory, lightning-fast mantis shrimp, setting up a Mediterranean biotope tank, setting up an aquarium for tetras and barbs, and much more!

Wondering whether to add CO2 to your tank, or what lighting to use for your marine aquarium? Are you new to the hobby and need some advice on your first aquarium? The new issue of TFH can help you, and it’s available now! Enjoy monthly favorites and interesting features, including Breeding Cactus Plecos and “Big Little Fish: The Convicts,” as well as several more.

The March 2011 issue has a range of articles from collecting fish native to the United States to adding firefish to a reef tank, keeping whiptail catfish, caring for penguin tetras, and much more!

The cichlid-themed July 2011 issue has features on kribs, pinstripe apistos, photographing fish, tetras, scuba diving, and more!

The February 2012 issue of TFH featured articles on predatory tetras, Mexican cichlids, creating a paludarium, maintaining powder blue tangs, and more.

The January 2012 issue of TFH featured articles on magnificent aquascapes, three-spot gouramis, fish for nano tanks, blue-spotted jawfish, and more!