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Yeah but it's true. I've always liked Foxy, not even from the fandom and art, but just because idk. He was just my favorite without any sort of influence I just kinda played the game and was like "dats ma boi now"

10 Hilarious Drinking Game Rules. Number 7 Is Priceless

10 Rules That your Drinking Game Should Never Be Without! So hilarious!

Noodle King - one blindfolded person tries to protect the noodle he's standing over while others try to steal it without getting hit - youth group games

damn I love this. everything I believe in, in a paragraph. screw the rules, screw what people think.. just follow your heart and be you.

Leviathan, he is ruler of the downworlders in the south of hell, he rules zombies, vampires, werewolf ect. He is interested in humans a little bit to much, he acts playful and lazy