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The Prep: Paska – Slovak Easter Sweet Bread; Recipe and Photo By John Lipovsky; Paska is made with milk, butter, eggs, flour, (white) raisins, and sugar; Traditional information and recipe can be found on SlavicCooking.com #Czech #Czechoslovakia #Paska #Babka #Slovakia

Paska is a rich bread rooted in the Easter traditions and very popular in those Slovakian, Hungarian, Polish, Austrian and Ukrainian homes.

Ukrainian Easter Bread - Martha Stewart Recipes

Ukrainian Easter Bread

Ukrainian Easter Bread - Martha Stewart Recipes My Mom would serve this with a cream cheese like sweet fruited spread called Pashka at Easter.

Paska (Ukrainian Easter Bread) – Bakeware Suggestions

You want to bake your first Paska (Ukrainian Easter Bread), but what is the most desirable container to use for best results. Here are my suggestions.