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*sigh* I'm becoming a crazy chicken lady... I'm already putting a list together of what chickens I want to buy in spring!!! Blue Laced Red Wyandotte | Gabbard Farms Hatching Eggs and Poultry Supplies

Annie's Chicken Ark | Chicken Houses | Poultry Supplies | Chicken Coop

This is the website of the author of a poultry book. It contains a ton of homesteading information including an extensive section on poultry.

Vintage Poster of Standard Breed Varieties of Chickens here to find out more

Chicken Soup=) Had to pin this cute picture because it represents the big boiling pot of water outside my grandmother's house, where we doused the newly killed bird. Next step was for me to pluck out all those steaming wet feathers. Then Mammy took over with her pan of ice water and a sharp as can be, butcher knife...

DIY Chicken Coops Even Your Neighbors Will Love

Rein­vent­ing the Chicken Coop: 14 Orig­i­nal Designs with Step-by-Step Build­ing Instruc­tions