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Monkee Peter Tork stops monkeying around long enough to shop for books. Special thanks to Crispin for the submission.

Donny Most

Sorry, missed this one. However, you should hear his version of the Beer Barrel Polka He'll bring tears to your eyes as he makes it his own

Davy Jones on the guitar jams with Peter Tork on keyboard

Davy Jones, Peter Tork (The Monkees) Davy often said these guys were the brothers he never had.<<<and this is part of the reason why I love the Monkees so incredibly much.


pretty little princess.first its mike telling a story then the song kinda long but really kinda interesting.and now i know i was right when i started calling him winky boy:)

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The most accomplished musician of the group, Peter played just about everything. He was responsible for coming up with the piano in Daydream Believer!

Peter Tork (of course from The Monkees) - happy to report he matches his socks these days!

Peter Tork

Peter did wear other colors, and patterns. Anyone that wears shirts like this now gets called Gay.