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When a labouring woman feels safe and private, when she has the ability to deal with her labour pains in whatever way works for her, her body will respond by releasing the labour hormone oxytocin which makes the uterus contract efficiently. She will also produce endorphins that reduce pain. Because she is in familiar surroundings, her body is less likely to produce adrenaline, our fight and flight hormone, which interrupts labour hormones and actually makes labour slower and more painful.

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Pitocin Vs. Oxytocin: Critical Differences That Affect Labor

Pitocin Vs. Oxytocin: Critical Differences That Affect Labor

Oxytocin: Critical Differences That Affect Labor plus Happy Healthy Child childbirth course

10 Pain Management Techniques for Natural Childbirth

Preparing for a Natural Childbirth: Drug-Free Labor and Delivery is Possible – The Parent Vortex

Crock pot hot towels for homebirth. Seriously.... Why did I not think of this?? Would have been great for when we ran out of hot water last time

Crock pot hot towels for homebirth but could also bring to hospital for hospital natural birth

homebirth labor checklist..not sure if I'd go for a homebirth, but I like this list:)

Labour Plan Or Checklist For A Homebirth

Ten Holistic Ways to Prepare for the Intensity of Birth. Getting your mind, body, and spirit in one accord is key!

How to Have an Empowered Natural Hospital Birth

Ten Holistic Ways to Prepare for the Intensity of Birth-I love Birthing from within!

5 Hospital Procedures That Ruin Your Birth #pregnancy couldn't agree more!

5 Hospital procedures that ruin your birth and lead to unnecessary complications and interventions! Every woman please read! Great tips for the birth plan

If you are -- or someone you know is -- planning a home birth, midwife/blogger Antonette Vasseur, who is preparing for the birth of her own baby, provides some tips and a list of items to have on hand to help ease the psychic and physical ups and downs of the birth process. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

Preparing for a Home Birth

As my birthing day draws near, I am settling in and nesting and preparing our home for the upcoming birth by gathering birth supplies, essentials and creating my birth space.