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Chicharrón is deep fried pork skin from the Philippines, here's a photo and some information about this food.


Balaw Balaw Restaurant: Angono's Pride The lake shore did not have its usual appearance.

Cheese Puto - Steamed Rice Cake topped with Melted Cheese

Cheese Puto

Cheese Puto are little steamed cakes topped with cheese. It can be served with butter or grated fresh coconut on the side and can be enjoyed anytime of the day.

Palitaw ( Sweet Rice Dumpling With Coconut And Rusty Sesame Seeds)

palitaw (Filipino dessert) - ingredients: cup sugar, 2 cups glutinous rice flour (sold in Asian markets), water, sesame seeds.

DINENGDENG or INABRAW  Please like share repin Thanks! :)

Reel and Grill: Ginisang Gulay or Pakbet/Pinakbet Tagalog (Sauteed Vegetables with Fish Paste)

Vẫn như công thức của món bánh gối mặn nhưng trong bài viết này Ad giới thiệu nhân bánh chay từ rau củ và nấm nhé. Chuẩn bị những nguyên liệu sau: Phần bánh: – 300g bột mì – 110g Read more…

Recipe For Filipino Beef Empanadas: will totally fill with vegetarian substitutes! Read Recipe by

Pritong saging

Pritong saging

Filipino Style Pork Barbecue | Filipino Food Lovers

Filipino Pork BBQ (Kabobs) it's the kind that you will likely to find on most street vendor found along most side walk in Manila.

Biko (sweet sticky rice a la Philippines) A creamy dessert made with sticky rice and coconut milk garnished with latik or cooked-down coconut cream

24 Delicious Filipino Foods You Need In Your Life

Filipino Biko: Sweet sticky rice dessert with only a few ingredients. But packs a ton of flavor. garnished with equally addictive latik, or cooked-down coconut milk or cream.