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These are the stories from Fundations Level 1. I use them for poetry with my students. Students have them in their poetry binders and mark them up....

This is a packet of all 93 FUNdations trick words for 1st grade (edition 1) organized by unit. Each page includes the 3 trick words for the unit along with 3 different activities. First, students write each trick word three times each. Next, students use one of the trick words to complete a sentence.

Blending Cards for Kindergarten, first and second grade reading. The cards can be used for instruction for kindergarten and first grade and and RtI for second grade. The cards are set up so that students: 1. Say the sounds • • • (with the large dots) 2. Blend the sounds (with the dotted lines) 3. Say it fast (with the arrow)

I love this idea for Guided Reading! Students read the word and if they get it right, they get to keep the cube. Whoever has the tallest tower at the end wins!

This amazing pack includes all 93 fundations level 1 (SECOND EDITION) trick words for first grade. Students complete four activities for each trick word.

I truly enjoy using the Wilson's Fundations program in my classroom, but wanted something my students could use for practice at home to reinforce t...

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