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...look at your surroundings, can you spot someone resembling that picture? As last resort look in the mirror (!), and if that's the reflection you see then head ASAP for the nearest cup of coffee! ... I know I am at this very moment! Angela

Be wise and skilled with your words, and you'll conquer the world. ~~Angela

Of course I'm not tired - I only work three days a week! ... Said no nurse ever.

Oh, she'll be ok. She just fainted from exhaustion from studying all night for a Med Surg exam.

Don't let anyone take you for granted. Ever. You deserve the best, so surround yourself only with those who see all that in you, and let go of anyone who sees only what they want to see. Never be an option in someone else's life, because being a priority is the only place that belongs to you, and you alone. You should not be anybody's backup plan, or a second chance. Acknowledge your true worth, and NEVER let ANYONE treat you any less that that.. ♥ Angela from

I think we can all agree on this… then again.. Maybe some people think it's so we can rub our awesomeness in people we don't likes face :P