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Having a morning routine…secrets to make it amazing

A Joyful Morning Routine My mornings don’t always look the same, but most do. Being a stay at home mom of 4, I feel like routine is key to a productive day. Essential Something that is essential for me is getting up before my house rises, even my husband. When this doesn’t occur itRead More

3 Discipline Questions for Christian Kids

How can we use the moment to point our children to Christ? It's the question that most heavily weighs on my heart, too. I want my children to respond to authority and correction in a manner that would be pleasing to God. These 3 questions have helped us focus the moment on what really counts!

Could also use an old foil or plastic wrap box as long as you take off the strip that cuts product. Organizing spices with cereal boxes

7 Intentional Family Goals for the New Year

My Valentines Total Red Dream Outfit

My text to Sue Ann would have read: "Do you think (insert stupid idea here) will work? I've already done it so just lie to me :)