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49 Maps That Explain The USA For Dummies

Increasingly, Americans are living in what researchers have dubbed "megaregions", interlinked population centres already home to 78% of the USA's 318m citizens.

Cosmographie universelle, selon les navigateurs tant anciens que modernes / par Guillaume Le Testu, pillotte en la mer du Ponent, de la ville francoyse de Grâce - 110

Rainwater Harvesting for Off-Grid Homes

TOP FIVE Best U.S. BUG OUT LOCATIONS(BOL) (and WORST) (rainwater, cost) - Self-Sufficiency and Preparedness -Self-reliance, homesteading, survivalism, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, permaculture, possible collapse, disaster scenarios, shelter,

A 'Whom Do You Hang With?' Map Of America

COOL! Social Network maps! What Xiaoji Chen and Dirk Brockmann are suggesting is that real communities in America may be utterly different from the 50 state boxes we display on our political maps. We dont look like we live. We sprawl across our borders, ignore state lines, live as we like. These are the first maps that are trying to paint us the way we actually are.