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memoirs of a vagina in a dick's world. kaitlyn. also known as pocahontits, batman, or teddy. currently on a vision quest for something to give a fuck about. navigation home message history face

PLS HELP!! i kind of want to change my tumblr name!! rt now its pr0crasti-nation. what do you guys think and any suggestions??

Oh how i wish i had different colored eyes// "T" from celestial 2 (minus the makeup, those are his eyes)

Eyeliner 101 Guide: All About Eyeliner

I will get these cataracts removed so that I can see all the beautiful things around me.

I have always described my eye color as grey because the green and blue appear grey from a distance. Apparently it's called heterochromia. More specifically, I have central heterochromia. It is basically a beautiful mutation. The eyes are the window to the soul. In my eyes I see the soul of a dreamer with a wild side.

And finally we have the color of Benedict's eyes <3 actually pretty sure thats the color of Garrett Hedlund's eyes as well....