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Norman TWD

That's right, I am perfectly Norman. I say, as I pin this onto my special "Walking Dead" board, then re-watch every season except 5 because I can't find it!

Damn skippy!

This happens every day even random people tell me I'm obsessed with the walking dead, but they are not lying its so true I'm even having a the walking dead birthday party-Tierra Mellon A. The walking dead lover.--- why is there a recipe

Introducing people to the Walking Dead. Ha!

Exactly my couple of ex's and current boyfriend had this facial expression the first time, then they got used to it when I'd sit right directly in front of the tv not moving for the next hour.

Or "caminantes" in Spanish.

Even my sister who is apart of the fandom says the word you call "zombies" dear Lizzy the term is walkers

The Walking Dead

I thought this pin was very funny considering Lori did ruin their relationship. Any Walking Dead fan would understand this!

YES! 100% true. You'll lose half the audience including me. Might as well kiss the show goodbye like Deryl. Do not do it!!!!

For real. If Daryl dies at some point I'll stop watching the show. BUT HE CAN'T DIE