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Raw Ceviche Fish with Tomatoes and Watercress

PERUVIAN FISH CEVICHE 1 1/4 lbs fish fillets (sea bass, sole, or flounder), cut on the bias into 1" dice 1 quart water, boiled and chilled 1 red onion, cut in 1/2 lengthwise and sliced thin 1 aji amarillo, rib and seeds removed, diced 1 clove garlic Salt and pepper 1/4 cup fresh lime juice 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice 2 t finely chopped cilantro leaves 2 ears corn, cut in 1/2 1 sweet potato, sliced 1/4" 2 T canola oil 1 head butter lettuce

Hope you all had an amaze crissy! What did you eat? We had raw fish salad or Ota in Niuean, Oka I'a in Samoan, Ota Ika in Tongan. A common Polynesian dish thats very easy to make. Similar to ceviche & Hawaiian Poke. Tee made the one pictured. . . Pictured is sashimi grade tuna, cut into bite size cubes, marinade a few hours in lemon/lime juice, salt n pepper, drain most of the juice, add spring onion, cucumber, tomato, & good coconut cream *fresh squeezed is best* Yum! 😋👌🏽 Optional…

A great looking and simple ceviche recipe. Ceviche is fish cooked in lime juice. I know there is no fish in this image - but heh, I liked the picture of all the lime rinds best.

Chef Gorenstein believes ceviche only requires two things: fresh fish and hand-squeezed citrus. After that, the ingredient possibilities are endless. Image: © Adrian Danciu / Kinocut Pictures, LLC

Fish Ceviche ... at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of #Loreto! Picture by. Mauricio Ameneyro.

Delicious #Seafood Fish Ceviche. Ceviche de pecado. Yum! Recipe with pictures. Nayarit style. Estilo Nayarit.

Photo of the Day - Real World #Ceviche - #Cuzco, #Peru - Here is a picture of a #ceviche stand in the middle of the central market in #Cuzco, #Peru. Look at the massive piles of fish that they are serving from. Look at how strikingly casual this space is and how normal the customers look. In #Peru you are able to find plates loaded with incredibly delicious ceviche for less than a couple of dollars. Photo from #absolutevisit at www.absolutevisit.com - all images Creative Commons…

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