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Scientific illustration of a birds wing. By Milly @ Rock of Ages in Lennox Head, NSW, Australia.

"Scientific illustration of a birds wing. By Milly @ Rock of Ages in Lennox Head, NSW, Australia" wow that is fuckin cool!

Tattoo Circus Idea

hot air balloons are my new obsession. Annnnd this gal's tat has a little anchor!

Sweet looking bird tattoo

Collection of ideas for tattoos, inked girls & men all the inspiration you need to get inked! See more tattoo ideas online on Mr Pilgrim urban street artist


Geisha Tattoo Ideas, Designs, & Meanings

Tattoo art in "girl" japanese geisha tattoo. Geisha full back tattoos Japanese geisha is generally not a woman who is ill repute.

Koi Fish and Cherry Blossom Tattoo for Girls

Koi Fish Tattoo Design - 40+ Coy Fish Tattoo Ideas (2018)

Japanese Dragon Koi Fish Tattoo Designs, Drawings and Outlines. The inspirational best red and blue koi tattoos for on your sleeve, arm or thigh.

Arrow. Sagittarius. Want. Now!

An arrow can only be shot by pulling backward, so when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means its going to launch you into something great. So just focus and keep aiming. // arrow tat with this message in mind

kirsten makes tattoos

cutthroat trout for a fisherman, so he can measure fish to see whether they’re big enough to keep! Thanks, Kyle, I LOVE the idea of functional tattoos!

Gorgeous way to do an anchor.

Floral Anchor - n/a, in both color and black ink. Finally, an anchor tattoo that's not like all the rest!

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Took me a fair bit of searching to be able to find the artist to be able to link from the original (but well worth it). By Roma Broslavskiy

Angel wing   https://siaseo.com/protocolo-ssl/

Another example of arm wings. Iiii really like this one though it's not as actual-bird anatomy as I'd like. Wondering if there's a way to get buzzard wings that long/dramatic.