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You’ll never want to miss out on such a beautiful country. Here are eight reasons why you should find the best vacation places in the Philippines now! Share this with your friends!

Filipino cuisine is one of the most diverse cuisine because of its multitude of influences coming from East to West. Like a typical Asian food,.

Manly recipe! Yes, that's the name of the recipe... Adam made this tonight and delicious chili!

2 AM Chili. I'm sorry I had to put this in my funny board because it was hilarious. And there are wayyyyy more things I would make before chili.

OMG, broke the mouth!!!

A taste of the islands. Hawaiian food is the ultimate comfort food for me. Missing my island home.

Cooking is Crazy: Easy Chicken Fried Rice

Fried Rice with Chicken Rice Lg. Skinless Chicken Breast - bite pieces 2 eggs mixed veggies frozen green onions sesame oil soy sauce This looks similar to my mother's easy chicken and rice dinner I hope to recreate, since I can't find the exact recipe.

Filipino food! @Dot S -- http://www.pinterest.com/ronleyba/filipino-recipes-philippine-foods-filipino-dish/

Filipino food! @Dot S -- http://www.pinterest.com/ronleyba/filipino-recipes-philippine-foods-filipino-dish/

Sweet Potato Kabobs & other great grill ideas

You Can Grill What? 9 Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Grill

Not sure about the dip - but great idea for sweet potatoes! Roasted Sweet Potato Cube Skewers w/ Cilantro-Jalapeno Aioli Dip.