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Loved this quote.

Loved this quote.

Does England only have ten actors? Lol... i think that's why i like watching british tv so much, i can see david tennant in just about everything!

I re-watched doctor who recently and when I saw him I jumped up and down and said "Its Mycroft! Mycroft is in doctor who!

LOL SO TRUE POSTS - Funniest relatable posts on Tumblr.

Nothing to do with me likening someone. It watching the god that kills me because its looms like Harry is saying " is it because I'm fat!

Body wash

Sassy body wash - I totally thought it was a fire extinguisher and can't stop laughing at the comment

I thought it looked just fine, until Chanyeol popped out of no where!!! That face though!! XDDDD

I thought it looked just fine, until Chanyeol popped out of no where! I think Chanyeol will be in your nightmares and D.O in your dream, lol !

AHAHAHA I CAN'T!!! ❤ #BTS #방탄소년단

It takes about 8 times to bleach a hair to Jin's color XD

colored toilet paper. Remembering the 70's.

Vintage Home Decor Ad: Room-Matching Toilet Paper?!? (Day 22 of 31

Colored Toilet Paper ~ I don't remember if white was even available around the time that the colored stuff was? I remember pink, blue, green and yellow. There might have been a peach color too.

How to make and apply hair chalk!

Hair Chalk Recipe and Application Tutorial

How to make and apply hair chalk, my step daughter is begging for this lol!