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Take a journey through the human eye and how it works with this fantastic video, Wonder of the Human Eye. This is a great educational video for all ages.

Butterfly Life Cycle Activity

Butterfly Life Cycle Activities | Mama Miss love the idea of using pasta shapes to illustrate life cycle. Must use with marshmallow life cycle idea to get kids to remember the stages.

getting to their insides

The Human Body by Kelli Anderson: Stop-motion animation with cut paper showing how the human body works.

Nervous System - Brain

How does the brain work? What does each part of the brain do? Take an inside look at our most complex organ with this Interactive lesson. Have the brain on top then you open the flaps and it has what part of the brain it is.

Human Body: Learning About Bones

Life cycle of a Frog! 3:143min14sec. No words. Great pictures of life cycle stages. Okay/Good quality