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Dita Von Teese on Makeup, Waist Training, and What She Really Wears Around the House

Swoon over the classic feminine silhouettes of the forties and fifties? Love the razzle-dazzle glamour of the Gatsby era? Looking for a the perfect prom dress that will set you apart from the pack? Say “Hello!” to Unique Vintage!

This Is How Dita Von Teese Hits the Flea Market

Michelle Dockery looks flawless in gold and black dress

I love dita Von teese and her classic looks! This dress is so cute I like the color and shoulders

Celebrity Fashion: Dita Von Teese has lunch in L.A. > Women's

"Don't whine young man! It's the perfect outfit for you to wear when you watch your old friends play football in the park. They won't even know it's you if you behave in a lady-like fashion". Text by Fiona P