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"My Princess" Korean drama... definitely in my Top 10!   An ordinary college student, Lee Seol, finds out she's a princess. The grandson of Daehan Group, Park Hae Young, is put in charge of educating Seol on proper etiquette. However, Hae Young is put in a precarious situation when he finds himself drawn to Seol, the girl who will take away his inheritance if the monarchy is restored.

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Oh, if only Kitty would let me.  Perhaps it is for the best.  After all, some people think I am already too Kitty crazy!

Princess Cat Who Already Dominates Instagram, Soon Will Be Pinterest.

a remarkable set of photos that my "Pinpal," Ashaley Lenora, sent me Beautiful Cats!

UNICORN Hair Tutorial! (HORN, MANE & TAIL) Crazy Hair Day! My Little Pony Costume Hairstyle - YouTube

For our hair tutorial this week, we are sharing a fun unicorn hairstyle! This DIY horn could be used as a Halloween hairstyle, or for crazy hair day.

Oooohhhhh my princess barbie kitty 2 be....lollipops                                                                                                                                                     More

Cats Are Better Pinterest Throwdown

My cats totally need this, they all think they're the queen of the house.