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How long do guinea pigs life span?

A Comprehensive Glimpse about Guinea Pig Life Span

Guinea Pig Life Span - Guinea pig life span may last four around four years or even more. However, guinea pig lifespan depends on different things.

guineapigandco: The adorable Mika submitted by skyhighflight Such fantastic fur!!!

guineapigandco: “ The adorable Mika submitted by skyhighflight Such fantastic fur!

Who doesn't like snuggling with a teddy bear? So sweet.

You know how much I like to say awww! 😍🐻 As if guinea pigs weren't cute enough on their own: Sleeping guinea pig holding it's teddy bear

Cute Baby Guinea Pigs | Cute Baby Guinea Pig | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I picked up a female guinea pig left out in the streets. A month later, she had what I thought was a virgin birth. I had no idea she was pregnant, thought she was just one plump piglet.

can guinea pigs eat watermelon?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Watermelon

Baby Guinea Pigs! Too cute!

Baby Guinea Pigs – The Owner’s Care Guide

Baby Guinea Pigs - Is there anything cuter than a guinea pig? For true cavy lovers, the only point could be an baby guinea pigs.


Sometimes I wish baby guinea pigs stayed this small and adorable for a little longer! Well, they're always adorable I suppose, but compared to their baby form they become giant monsters that try to eat you out of house & home.

Thankfully, Guinea Pigs are perfect for children of all ages because not only are they small, they don’t need that much maintenance, and they can even live up to 7 years in captivity.

Peruvian Guinea Pigs are Perfect Pet for Children

From the Guinea Pig is My Best Friend page: I know this look well.

Your face when people call you a HAMSTER. I once made a documentary on guinea pigs for a film festival and on the evaluation sheet the judge wrote at the end, "Makes me wanna go out and buy a hamster!

19 Guinea Pigs You Can't Believe Even Exist

This baby guinea pig looks like like a little lamb - 19 guinea pigs your can't believe ever existed inside of pin