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You Are What You Write- At EasyBib we are intimately aware of the issues that plague students surrounding information literacy. Plagiarism, source attribution and critical thinking are among some of the real problems that our educators and students face. We put together this infographic to shed light on the matter, to underscore why librarians are needed more than ever, and to show what EasyBib is doing about it. #infographic

Practice stretching out sentences with these fun writing activities! Students are given a short phrase, and then they have to stretch the sentence out by adding more information to it. These writing activities can be used in writing workshop, writing centers, or just extra practice.

Think Blog: Blog Writing Guide for Kids. Help your child or student start brainstorming, planning, organizing and creating your blog today! Includes 18 writing worksheets for various types of articles$ #writing #blog #students #kids

Interactive Writing Notebook Grade 6 with ALL Common Core Writing Standards

A teacher-friendly writing notebook bundle. This year-long unit was designed to follow through the WRITING PROCESS and model lessons for Narrative Writing, Argumentative Writing, and Informative Writing. It covers ALL of the Writing Common Core Standards and many Language Standards. There are teachable slides that can be used on the smart board as well as student printables WITH STANDARDS to go along with each mini lesson. $

Writer's Workshop Folder Set

I will never run Writer's Workshop without these folders again!! They help to keep students organized, as well as teach them how to move a piece of writing through the entire writing process! $