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SOOOOOOOOOO TRUE !!!!!!!!!!! Read blog post for 2 great books I love on mindfulness for kids ......

If every 8 year old is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence within one generation. -Dalai Lama

I think this is a lovely way to have all our family's names together in one place -even those who have passed on.

"If every child in the world were taught meditation, we would eliminate violence from the world within one generation." -The Dalai Lama.

Caen ~ Normandy ~ France ~ L'Abbaye aux Dames or Abbey of Sainte-Trinité ~ Founded in the late 11th century by William the Conqueror and his wife Matilda as the Abbaye aux Dames ("Abbey of Women"), together with Abbaye aux Hommes ("Abbey of Men"), now Church of Saint Etienne. Built as penalty for their marriage against the Pope's ruling. Matilda, who died in 1083, was buried here.

There is a need for greater warm-heartedness and compassion. We are now so interdependent that it is in our own interest to take the whole of humanity into account. It clear that real hope lies with the generation who, now less than 30 years old, belong to the 21st century. If they start now to learn from the past and shape a different future, by later this century the world can be a happier more peaceful place. - Dalai Lama, Facebook Post 7/22/16

Quote | The Paradox of Our Age | “… bigger houses … small families; more conveniences, less time …” So true!! What a great reminder! It’s thought-provoking!! #TickledMummyClub # PositiveQuote #Quote

"Quotes".Celebration. N "Quote tune".Tribute Song "Soldier I Thank You (celebrate?, never forget).