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Benefits of Coconut Oil and there are so many more benefits than what is listed.

Benefits of Coconut Oil. Not only is coconut oil a good superfood but it has multiple uses! LOVE me some coco oil!

Alkaline Water Rocks!

Not all that shines is gold, and not all we drink hydrates us! This infographic will surprise you!

❤Sage is a commonplace herb used throughout the world for both culinary and medicinal purposes.❤ by jaclyn

❤There are various types of sage. Some sage is considered Sacred Medicine for many Native American Tribes. Sage, depending on the type, is also used throughout the world for both culinary and medicinal purposes.

Healthy benefits of Turmeric #eatclean

Benefits Of Turmeric

Benefits of pumpkin. #conveyawareness Eat the [real] rainbow daily in fruits and vegetables.

Health Benefits of Pumpkin. excellent source of beta-carotene, low in calories, Provides approx. of RDA of Vitamin A, Rich in B Complex, good source of dietary fiber & mono-unsaturated fatty acids. Recipe for Healthy Pumpkin Smoothie.

Capsaicin in peppers has many special properties including speeding up your metabolism and antibacterial properties that not only keep you well or help you get better when sick, but helps to preserve food by stopping bacterial growth in food.  These special foods and not just spicy!

Capsaicin: Unlock the benefits of cayenne pepper [Healthy, Spices, Nutrition]

I love berries & they are so good for you! More reasons to eat berries whenever possible.

The health benefits of acai berry and drinking acai berry juice. These berries are a superfood berry that have several benefits that include weight loss and anti-aging potentials!