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not my favorite Disney movie, but I do like it a lot.

“No matter where I am or how I’m feeling watching Brother Bear instantly calms me and brings me home.

Bla la la la la | Les nouveaux héros & La reine des neiges

❄️Let it go❄️<<< The struggle. Choosing which board to put this on. My Big Hero 6 board or Frozen board. The struggle. / Elsa and Baymax in Elsa's costume / fist bump!

"These white men are dangerous"

"These white men are dangerous"

Yep, though Hans never cared

Eugene VS Hans (as if that's a fight! Actually that'd be a hilarious fight now that I think about it.

Sorry but Brother Bear is better than Frozen

Not to mention Lilo and Stitch!>>>Uh-huh yeah there's definitely no romance in frozen Anna was just trying to hit Hans' and Kristoff's face with her mouth

Does anyone here watch Hawaii five 0? Michael (Adams brother) is the guy who voices Tadashi! It was so weird watching it because I couldn't stop thinking about Tadashi!!!

Big Hero 6 voice actors// they could really play them ,except for Gogo and of course baymax



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I have a dog named Dakota and I call her Kota bear sometimes but whenever I do, my mom runs in and goes "say it with me, kooo-daaaaa