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Leslie Jones Spoke Our Truth Tonight

Why is it that when a woman steps up for her moment in the sun, people feel the need to tear her down? We love Leslie Jones for having the courage to continue to speak up in the face of bullying, and for expressing what every hacked actress—and every woman who has ever been shamed or harassed for her appearance or sexuality—feels.

5 Times Women In Hollywood Totally Stood Up For Their Worth

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Katy Perry Just Made A Huge Donation To This Organization, And It's Inspiring Women To Do The Same

Katy Perry is doing her part to support women..

5 Times Women In Hollywood Totally Stood Up For Their Worth

Leveraging their prominence in the public eye, several women in Hollywood have used their voices to speak out on the gender pay gap—not only for their fellow actresses, but females globally.

Why You Should Care About Forbes' Latest Highest-Paid List

Amy Schumer is the first ever woman to make the Forbes list for top paid comedians.. That's some serious girl power we can all celebrate.

18 Inspirational Quotes From Our Favorite Female Fashion Icons

"The older I get, the more impressed I am with women. I have yet to meet a woman who is not strong. They do not exist." Diane Von Furstenberg

DNC 2016: All The Most Notable Moments

In an emotional speech, First Lady Michelle Obama—who wore Christian Siriano—spoke about her daughters, and how the results of this election would affect their lives forever. She touched on the fact that now, because of Hillary Clinton, her daughters, and girls all over the country, would take for granted that a woman could be President.