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This dog is NOT to be trusted, he can charm his way around anything, he has taught himself numerous tricks to get what he wants. He also loves going for rides and hanging his head out the car window. Just love him to pieces can't image life without him.

32 Totally Not Weird Non-Sexual Fetishes You Might Have

I can conquer the whole world with one hand behind my back, as long as the other one is holding yours.

"In my world, the grass is green, the sky is ue, and all cats are orange." --Jim Davis (Creator of "Garfield")

Really miss you mum! My whole world just fell to pieces when you were called home.Its been 15 years mum,but I still think about you and miss you every single day!You were my best friend and you always had all the answers! Nothing has ever been the same mum. I love you❤️

Dinosaurs small world classroom display photo - Photo gallery - SparkleBox. Would be sweet to have the kids create a world and then practice photography. Then make the pictures try and reflect a real world.

This is my cat at my dad's house. Cutest thing in the world. Also, the scariest meanest thing in the world,