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Stacey is giving away WonderMaps! Lesson Plan on Mountain Ranges www.LayeredSoul.com

Directions on how to print cropped maps from WonderMaps, Lesson Plan including Mountain Range Printable and photos of mountains made out of Legos.

Get seating arrangement ideas, decoration tips, and more for your 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classrooms by taking a tour of Ms Espara's rooms.

Take a tour of Ms. Esparza’s 6th-8th grade ELA classroom

Free Vertebrates and Invertebrates foldable. Science Interactive Notebook Freebies

It is time for my Interactive Science Notebook post! Here are some pictures of student work from Day I am including resources .

Edible map of major rivers and mountain ranges using a tortilla.

Edible map of major rivers and mountain ranges using a tortilla.

MOVIE CLIPS TO INTRODUCE UNIVERSAL THEMES: Movie clips for your lesson plans...ability to search by genre (age ranges), mood, theme (this is so cool.)

Clearly not all the clips are classroom appropriate] MOVIE CLIPS TO INTRODUCE UNIVERSAL THEME: Movie clips for your lesson plans.ability to search by genre (age ranges), mood, theme (this is so cool.

GREYHAIRED MOMMA: Workboxes Part 4 -- The Lesson Plans

If you're just joining us, you might want to look back over the previous posts to learn more about our classroom/school work organization sy.

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Next Generation Science Standards - Create a resource book for your classroom to help students take more responsibility for their own learning!  $

4th Grade I Can Statements - Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS Posters)

The 8 Steps to an Effective Lesson Plan: Step 2 - Anticipatory Sets

How to Write Anticipatory Sets in an Effective Lesson Plan

Anticipatory sets are meant to activate background knowledge for your students. Here you will learn how to prepare lesson plan anticipatory sets.

FREE homeschool forms to help you get organized! Includes lesson plans, grade trackers, attendance records, and so much more!

FREE Homeschool forms to help you get organized - includes lesson plans, report cards, homeschooling form letters, attendance records, tracking extra curricular activities and so much more!

Ecosystems Circle Map. Students need to be able to covert information into charts and graphs for one of the fourth grade TEKS.

This ecosystem circle map could be drawn on the board to introduce the lesson. Students could be asked to fill in the bubbles given the words before the answer is revealed to get them thinking.