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My Beanie

Boston Terrier dog has an epiphany! It's ok, we still love you like a human, and won't ever treat you any differently. Really, we wish we had more dog qualities.

Just like jazzy

Suspicious Boston Terrier - My Sugar looks just liker this one and loves treats. I've had three Boston Terriers they are excellent dogs. I lost my Dixie on Mother's Day this year and we had to get another one for our other Dog.

Boston Terrier Funny!

Boston Terrier - Friendly and Bright


Skunk Halloween Costume of a Boston Terrier Dog! *****I HAVE this costume! In, fact, this could be my Boston, but mine won't quilt chasing the tail! She would never stay still long enough to get a picture! So funny!

I Guess All Boston Terriers Have The Same " I Hate Life, and Life Hates Me Back" Face. I Know Because of My Boston

Grumpy Boston Terrier- "Of course it's Monday. Does this look like my Friday face?" Oh Koda, just get up so I can take you out.

Oh my god I won a thousand dollars!

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