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I would eat this frog...

Apple and grape frogs! You can use a little cream cheese to stick the arms to the frog and then add his hands and feet. For the eyes, take a couple of small marshmallows {or you could do a blob of cream cheese} and add a chocolate chip to the middle.

Frog themed snack idea

The Princess and the Frog Party theme. Frogs are made of green apple and grapes. The frog eyes are grapes with a tiny hole cut into them, then chocolate chips inserted.

Apple Monster Mouth-- way better than cookie monsters

Snacks You Can Make With Your Kids

Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids! Use Chiquita Bites to make this cute Peanut Butter & Apple Frog.

Simpáticos postres de fiesta para niños (con fruta...) 3

Kermit the Frog apples are a healthy snack. Green and red apples are carved to appear like the famous Muppet star. Serve these apple slices with a peanut butter marshmallow dip. Kermit the Frog apples are a good way to convince your kids

Banana Dolphins

Cute idea for healthy children's snacks! fantastic fruit dolphins // healthy snack idea for school parties, birthday parties and to serve after school, love these

Green turlte snack

12 Ocean Animal Dessert Recipes - CandyDirect.com

Oreo Frogs - Candy Eyes balls, Package of Green Candy Melts, Oreo Cookies, Pretzels, Red Candy for your tongue, Green Sprinkles. Melt the chocolate following the directions of the bag. Cover the pretzels and oreos in the chocolate. Place pretzels together (bottoms side by side) Place oreo cookie on top of pretzels. Place the tongue, eyes and sprinkles on the cookie!

Oreo Frog Treats recipe featured on DesktopCookbook. Ingredients for this Oreo Frog Treats recipe include Candy Eyes balls, Package of Green Candy Melts, Oreo Cookies, and Pretzels. Create your own online recipe box.

Watermelon Baby Carriage

Watermelon Carving Ideas - Make the most of melon season by having a little fun with fruit! Try these watermelon carving ideas for your next summer party.

Great blog of healthy foods for kids!

Leap Froggies for Leap Day

How cute is this fruit salad display!! Great for a summer picnic!

Little monsters party: Madelyn is 1

Little monsters party - How fun is this watermelon fruit monster! In addition to the fruit salad and monster cakes, Shara also served monster toes (pigs in a blanket) and monster brains (sandwich wrap slices topped with hummus).

These Animal Snacks Are Brilliant! Kids CANNOT Resist These Fruit And Vegetable Creations.

How To Make Cute Grapefruit Owl Please √ Comment √ Share √ Like Thank you Kids don’t like to eat their fruits? Here is an idea how to make cute grapefruit owl. Clementine wings… kids will love it.

How cute...Easter mices. a chocolate-covered cherry (with stem) for the body and tail, a Hersheys Hugs Kiss for the face, sliced almonds for the ears, and icing for the eyes and nose. Serve them over a triangle of cheese

Make adorable mouse-and-cheese snacks. On a small piece of cheese, place a chocolate-covered cherry for the mouse’s body and tail, a Hershey’s Kiss for face, and sliced almonds for ears. [I would use orange/white marbled fudge or bark instead of cheese.


Squirmy, Wormy Apple Snack with peanut butter & gummy worm.another BOY snack