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Lucille Ball as "Lucy" and her husband Desi Arnez as "Ricky" in the old TV show, "I Love Lucy". Lucy will always live on. Owned her own co & nothing went on air w/out her approval


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Lucy and Desi in love.


I Love Lucy ~ Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz

It's just one of those days

Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy

i love lucy funny - Bing Images

I Love Lucy funny - Bing Images

Feeling love

American actress Lucille Ball finds motherhood overwhelming in 'No Children Allowed' an episode of the television show 'I Love Lucy' 1953 The episode.


Lucille Ball: The radio and motion-picture actress Lucille Ball was a longtime comedy star of American television, best remembered for her classic television comedy series 'I Love Lucy'.

Lucille Ball

I have watched "Lucy" reruns.i have never seen her as a"beauty" before this picture.she was always funny to me, not beautiful (not that y can't be both)

Cary Grant. People compare George Clooney to him. George Clooney wishes.  This guy was so great. Read what his daughter says about him and you'll love him even more.

Cary Grant Cary Grant, a true gentleman and style icon. The leading man in Hollywood with a list of films that is simply wonderful

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Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz>probably one of the interracial couples on tv, accepted & loved by all. She insisted Desi would play her husband when studio execs wanted to replace him. What a talent they both were!

My FAVORITE scene from my FAVORITE episode.

I love Lucy - Lucy and Ricky (Desi Arnaz) dance the tango. (My favorite dance in the world!

I love Lucy! (and her hair, lashes. and sharp lipstick)

I love Lucy thomas_p_reeves

I Love Lucy Show

I love Lucy watching it right now

"Speed it up a little"

I Love Lucy

"I Love Lucy" ~ This is the episode of the television show when Ethel (Vivian Vance) and Lucy (Lucille Ball) get hired to work in a chocolate candy factory. A classic!

Lucy and her Mother                               *They look like sisters!*

Lucille Ball and her Mom, Desiree Evelyn Hunt.