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penny desk

Making a table/desk out of pennies. I've recently seen different ways to incorporate pennies in your house. I'll never have a penny floor. But I did think this turned out gorgeous and think it would make for a great end table project.

Picture of Mind Your Edges

Penny Desk!

EPBOT: Money Money Money Tabletop, gorilla glue, pennies, epoxy & a lot of I want to.

CRAFTS WITH PENNIES | Penny craft table. Heads on one side, tales on the other. | Home

I AM DOING THIS for my dining room table. Hope Nate likes it! Heads on one side, tales on the other.

A penny saved.. is a tile floor - I knew even before we bought our house that I wanted to put a penny tile floor in somewhere.  As in real pennies.  We had seen a floor like this at the Standard Grill in New York and thought it was really pretty and on a small scale wouldn't be hard to fabricate.  So I saved a bunch of pennies, made a template, bought some mesh backing for mosaic tiles, glue that could hold metal and started making sheets of tile.

a great way to do penny floors without the permanence. do penny tiles, then tile the floor vs the penny and then lacquer on the floor itself. tutorial on how to make a pennies floor. most people that first see it don't realize that it's pennies.

Don't laugh, but I want to try this on something. // DIY penny countertop -- could do this on an old table top.

Penny Designs, 25 DIY Ideas for Home Decorating with Majestic Copper Glow

Penny table DIY instructions, not sure I'm ambitious enough for a whole table, but some of the smaller projects have just as cool results!

Penny table DIY instructions - maybe this is what I'll do with all my leftover pennies haha

How to make a penny floor

How To Make Copper Penny Flooring In 9 Easy Steps

How to make a penny floor

17 Penny Projects. Pretty cool...hope it isn't illegal though messing with currency like this....also (to people not into penny collections)...there is a specific penny out there worth thousands of dollars....someday I hope to find it.

17 Penny Projects

Penny wall art - Aztec feel - glue an exotic sculpture piece in the center for Wow

Pennies encapsulated in bartop epoxy. Heat it with a propane torch while still wet to remove bubbles.

Penny covered desk or table with epoxy finish. Good idea for tops that need redoing. And I bet PaPa could provide pennies for a project.