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13 Examples Of Pokemon Game Logic, LOL these are much funnier than they should be!!

13 Examples Of Pokemon Game Logic

13 Examples Of Pokemon Game Logic these are much funnier than they should be!

Levi .....

Anime/manga: SNK Characters: Levi and Eren, LOL The Wings of Freedom is actually the title of the chapter to SNK no Regrets. I died when I read this, here a rep in to all ma friends who watch snk.

Krillin <3 Piccolo fusion *_*

Piccolo & Krillin fusion

Rape Faces

Rape Faces

Anime Recommendations for Pretty Much Everyone, text, Anime characters, crossover; Anime

Anime recommendations ~Pretty good list if you're a beginner looking for something to suit your taste

Yandere girlfriend meme

A motivator about a yandere. Don't know which Anime this is from. A Yandere

anime girl memes - Google Search

Perverted Anime Girl Meme for me the staker or the annoying one 😰I'm kinda scared of the other to even tho that are cute they would kill me if some girl flirted with me 😨

So here is the deal, this seems funny at first but... The thing is this is what men do... Eeeek

Happy Stars Shine The Brightest -{ Maybeanothername }🖤×🖤

Which one do you prefer? I love the one that is right now.

Which one do you prefer? I love the one that is right now.

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Eu sou crio meu proprio personalidade kskssksk

According to a test I am a yandere but according to my friends I'm either a tsundere or a kuudere

betaruga: Is this like the one meme where Yamcha is kinda cool? It&rsquo;s Yamcha, he&rsquo;ll miss&hellip;

japan... :) you must never let your guard down. For you dont know who is goin to kill you

You can't tell if they're a demon or a zombie just by looking at them that's anime logic:)

Son niñas, pero empiezan a comportarse como adolescentes. Y no me refiero, que aunque tengan 15 años siguen siendo nuestras niñas del alma. No; no me refiero a eso.

Today Top 42 LOL images AM, Wednesday February 2017 PST) – 42 pics<<<<<I want to be eith those girls with popsicles.