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apothecary chest. http://heavencanwaitcardsandgifts.blogspot.com/2012/08/cabinet-of-curiosities.html.  For the art studio.

Collections displayed in a haberdashery cabinet - tiny drawers holding tiny things

Cabinet of Curiosities by Sharon Ross

An Odd and Peculiar Workshop

Cabinet of Curiosities by Sharon Ross - typically beautiful, crazy, adorable, creative and wonderful Nawleens - I miss NOLA when I'm in the UK!

Cabinet of Curiosities (Pendergast series) by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston…

Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle

Seven levels of the museums at the Mercer Museum, a concrete castle built by renowned tile-maker Henry Mercer in the early century. In Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Fascinating collection of early American tools and artifacts, including a real stagecoach

Cabinet of Curiosities Specimen no 28  The Locust Eye by mabgraves

Cabinet of Curiosities Specimen no. 82 - The Locust Eye Fly - original insect painting by Mab Graves

cabinet of curiosities - dressing ideas for staircase - any bones or 'dead things' i.e. dead flowers or taxidermy etc

Cabinet of curiosities - plays with the notion of Vanitas. The objects in the cabinet are symbolic of different things. *use of bones and jars*

Accumulated in these cabinets were a concoction of phenomenons, from preserved animals and skeletons to more commonly seen matter. The rarer an item, the more attractive it appeared. Nevertheless, all items were recorded and displayed in a meticulous manner.

A Cabinet of Curiosity room.the first museums were items collected during the travels of the wealthy. They would then house these collections of random items in a specially built cabinet.

The Otherist Amsterdam: Cabinet of Curiosities | http://www.yourlittleblackbook.me/the-otherist-amsterdam/  retail concept store amsterdam interior butterfly

The Otherist Amsterdam