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the rikrak studio: the art of the movie poster

This is a poster for the musical singing in the rain. The main poster colour scheme is a range of blues. when we think of blue we think of cold as it is a cold colour and i think this works well for the singing in the rain poster.

something like this could juxtapose 2 images, one of fish flesh and one of fish being butched. the cutoff part could be just folded in and can be unfolded to show the whole image

Print design ideas and inspiration. Little Spines. I love the concept to have a live tree next to a dead one on the cover of this booklet. On top of that, I love the clean, minimalistic style.

typo sur fond couleur sur dessin

Project by Maren Anna Johanna Bruin from "Radical Typography: What Do You Have to Say?

EFFP View Magazine : Paul Felton Design

EFFP View Magazine : Paul Felton Design, I like how it& monochrome, this is similar to what I want to do, but I want to add bits of colour here and there.

Tseng Green

Tokyo is a Symbol of civilization of Japan. The creative concept of the poster is based on Tokyo travel guide. The font design integrates with the colors of red and white, which represent Japanese flag. The structure type reflects complex tra…