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Let’s face it, we love bricks. Think about it. Steel rusts. Wood takes a lot of maintenance. But bricks are so sturdy, beautiful, low maintenance and just plain reliable. Today, antique bricks have become popular building material. They give a building charm, character and time-tested style. Salvaged from old buildings, reclaimed bricks age beautifully. The rough edges, pockmarks, and old stains lend texture and integrity to buildings..

You don’t have to unearth an old brick wall in your home or office to establish that distinctive look. With antique brick veneer, you can add the same look to a wall or floor no matter what type of construction you have.

Chicago Street Pavers - Chicago pavers are salvaged from the old roads of Chicago. They can be used in many applications. They are made of much harder clay than the common brick, so they can be used in all climates for driveways, patios and even building construction.

Chicago Sand Buff & Pink Bricks have a much grittier texture compared to the common brick and are mainly used for interior wall projects, patios in warmer climates and also new construction.

The Chicago Common Pink Brick is what Chicago is known for! These natural clay bricks were manufactured in the late 1800's through the mid 1900's and are found in beautiful shades of pinks varying from a light salmon to terra cotta color. They are commonly used for interior projects and or patios in warmer climates and new construction.

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